3 Tips for Safe Early Morning or Night Runs


During the hot humid summer months many runners will to choose to run at dark for cooler temps. Whether you choose to run early morning or late evening there are some safety precautions you should follow when running in the dark.


  1. Wear a Light

If you have to run in the early morning or at night it is important to wear a light. They make many different versions but a simple one is a magnet base reflective light. They usually either have a smiley face or shaped like a shamrock. People will usually run with one in the front and one in the back.

  1. Wear Bright and Reflective Clothing

The makers of shirts and shorts are adding more reflective material in the cloths.

  1. Always remember that you can’t win the battle with a car.

Run on the Left Side of the Road or on the Sidewalk




Stay Cool


During the dog days of summer you need to stay hydrated. Make sure you are
drinking plenty of water during the day. Carry either a hand held water bottle or one that stays on your waist. It helps if you plan a running route that you know you can get water from either a store or hose.


Be consistent.

“Be consistent, make a commitment to walk/run at least 4 days a week. That’s every other day and try and cover about 3 miles. Start by walking the 3 miles the first week. Second week, after you start run a block or whatever you feel you can do until you need to walk. Walk till you feel you can run
again. The distance of the run is not important. By the fourth week I believe you will be running the whole distance.”

Bill Torrey
Rock City Running

Weekly Running Tips

As we prepare and gear up for the 8th Annual Great 5k Pumpkin Run Event we can’t help but look back on how far we have come. We are so thankful and overwhelmed by the number of participants in our community that have come out and supported us each and every year. We appreciate you so much!

We want to give back!

Our goal this year is to promote running and active living in our community.

We would like to offer our community and participants weekly running tips to educate, encourage and empower YOU right where you are..If you are a beginner, a seasoned runner or just signed up for your first 5k, we would like to help you.

We are so proud to announce that we have partnered with Bill Torrey, Rock City Running store owner and Running Coach, to help us accomplish this goal. Bill will provide you with weekly running tips on our Event Page and blog.

Meet Bill Torrey:

“Bill loves to talk running and has worked with others to improve their running and racing. He has coached runners to complete their first marathon.

Now he gets to share his love of running with you through his running store. Bill Torrey’s Rock City Running will be an important stop on the path for runners and walkers exploring the beauty of this sport. Bill welcomes you to find instant friends here sharing and feeding your running passion.”

Thank you Bill Torrey and Rock City Running! We look forward to reading your tips and advice each week.

You can thank our Sponsor when you visit Rock City Running at their location for more expert advice and running gear.

Bill Torrey’s Rock City Running
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